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Villa Julia - Agriturismo Archeologico Pompei

The farm of Villa Julia is registered in the list of provincial educational farms.

The educational activities consist essentially in outdoor tours with explanations on life cycles of plants (grasses and trees), and all phenological stages, starting from planting until harvest.

The didactic program consists of a wide range of proposals, some of which are carried out directly in the classroom and are aimed at the knowledge of food, knowledge that is through food handling and the discovery of nutrients. In other activities, the students will be able to see directly on the farm what it needs to do to make a loaf of bread, or a leaf of lettuce or a caciotta cheese.

The main purpose of the educational farm is to be able to combine an effective technical and scientific information on the processes of production and processing of food.

Training courses:

The training courses are listed below:

- Medicinal plants and their properties;

- How to recognize the flora and fauna;

- Nutritional education;

- The characteristics of the food, the nutrients they contain, the procedures to preserve them, the risks that may result from poor preservation;

- Flora and fauna of the area;

- Phenological phases and biological plant (nut-screw-citrus etc.);

- How to recognize the various types of seeds;

- Biological cycle of the greenhouse cultivation.


On the farm children can watch the following activities:

- Harvest;

- Gathering nuts

- Haymaking;

- Sowing in Campo- transplantation of seedlings in the greenhouse;

- Milking the sheep and cow

- The processing of farm products;

- Pet - therapy (with the dog and with small animals);

- Onotherapy (the donkey).


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